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Monthly Archives: January 2015

I have been using Debian sid (unstable) as my primary desktop in the guise of Aptosid.

A few months ago Debian switched to systemd. I didn’t notice any problems except my network connection sometimes doesn’t come back after hibernating. That is, until I tried to do something hard.

I had a thumb drive ( USB flash ) That needed to be reformatted. I started gparted and found the drive was mounted already. I use the Mate desktop environment and set nothing to auto mount except hard drives. It seems that systemd thinks I am a user than needs everything mounted for me. No big deal I thought. I unmounted the drive and then found the thumb drive just disappeared. Gparted could no longer see it. Unplugging and replugging had the same effect.

Systemd has made Debian less usable. Now I see why they want to fork to get rid of systemd. I guess I will have to build a Microsoft windows box to just reformat thumb drives.


Where I live the interstate is rural. There maybe 3 or 4 vehicles per mile. For some reason even though there are miles of highway people want to tailgate.

They (hopefully) can see for a quarter mile that they are closing in on my vehicle. For some reason they stay in the right lane until they seem to almost touch my bumper. Then they pass and as soon as they are clear of my vehicle they pull back into the right lane.

They pull in, not a safe 4 seconds, a sane 3 seconds, the legal 2 seconds, but 1 second or less in front of me. The only options I have to be safe are to pull into the left lane or slow down.

So these drivers (or as I call them, non-drivers) risk my life not once but twice during the pass.

Last summer I found some Gravelys on craigslist. It was a Commercial 10 with a 40″ mower and a lawn roller. I have a 40″ but I wanted to build one for my mothers property. I sent an email. The next day after no answer I sent another with my phone number. He called and said a Gravely dealer was coming to look at them. He wanted to put them in a museum.

So everything I needed was lost, so I came up with a new plan. I had a 1972 C8 that I bought for parts. The engine, tires and 30″ mower were trashed but the trans-axle was good. I decided too re-power the C8 and build a lawn roller. will hopefully go through the 40″ to check for problems.

I hope to have the build done this winter with nice build pages with photos. I am planning on making the final product look like a Gravely model C complete with rear hitch.