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Where I live the interstate is rural. There maybe 3 or 4 vehicles per mile. For some reason even though there are miles of highway people want to tailgate.

They (hopefully) can see for a quarter mile that they are closing in on my vehicle. For some reason they stay in the right lane until they seem to almost touch my bumper. Then they pass and as soon as they are clear of my vehicle they pull back into the right lane.

They pull in, not a safe 4 seconds, a sane 3 seconds, the legal 2 seconds, but 1 second or less in front of me. The only options I have to be safe are to pull into the left lane or slow down.

So these drivers (or as I call them, non-drivers) risk my life not once but twice during the pass.


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    • Vincent J. Benkovitz
    • Posted February 8, 2015 at 4:21 pm
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    The only reason I can think of for not giving you a wider berth is probably the reluctance to ride in the left lane for any length of time. A relative from out of state stayed in the left lane on the Thruway (many years ago ) and got a ticket. People who pass you usually only remember half of the passing operation. Again, years ago, a tractor-trailer passed our car on I81 nb south of Binghamton and began to come back in front of us when only half his body had passed us! This was at 11:45 on a weeknight but the defensive driving lesson that taught me is still with me. I live and drive in the city and tailgating is the very least problem. As long as you do anticipate this in your territory you should have no problem.

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