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I have been using Debian sid (unstable) as my primary desktop in the guise of Aptosid.

A few months ago Debian switched to systemd. I didn’t notice any problems except my network connection sometimes doesn’t come back after hibernating. That is, until I tried to do something hard.

I had a thumb drive ( USB flash ) That needed to be reformatted. I started gparted and found the drive was mounted already. I use the Mate desktop environment and set nothing to auto mount except hard drives. It seems that systemd thinks I am a user than needs everything mounted for me. No big deal I thought. I unmounted the drive and then found the thumb drive just disappeared. Gparted could no longer see it. Unplugging and replugging had the same effect.

Systemd has made Debian less usable. Now I see why they want to fork to get rid of systemd. I guess I will have to build a Microsoft windows box to just reformat thumb drives.


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