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Monthly Archives: February 2015

My Gravely tractor projects have been put on hold. The extreme cold and snow storms hitting about every 3 days haven’t helped. Also it seems I am the only one who can blow snow and clean off roofs at my mothers house. Until things get better or I get some help it doesn’t look good for the projects. Hopefully I can get a tractor and mower running before the grass grows.


I went to start my ’67 Gravely C-8 the other day. As I cranked it gas pour out of the muffler. I immediately pulled it out of the garage. I then cranked it again and fuel pour out again.

As far as I could figure the carburetor float stuck and gas filled the intake hose. I add a curved down hose to relocate the air cleaner under the hood to stop carburetor icing.

I cranked again and the gas flow stopped and then I hear a small poof. Instead of pulling the plug and drying it out I kept cranking in spurts until it finally fired. I was then able to get the snow blowing done. I am not sure there is any engine stronger than a Gravely.