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I purchased a kit from Guthrie Repower that allows anyone to re-power a Gravely or other powered walk behind or rider tractor with a Honda or Honda clone engine. Other engines will probably work but you will need to research. I always wanted to make a kit but nothing I dreamed up would be as elegant as Bruce’s kit.

Bruce Guthrie
Guthrie Repower
454 Mowery Rd. N.W.
Cleveland, TN 37312

I purchased this engine from The Carroll Stream company to re-power the C-8. It has electric start so I can add lights and a pull start if the battery dies.

Before painting the trans-axle I did a mock up so I could start solving some of the problems. The first on was the handlebar support. There are threaded holes in the adapter that are shown in the instructions to hold the handle bar. The supports are shown to be on the front side of the adapter. On my tractor there is no room to do that.
support hole

The only attachment point can be on the back side of the adapter. Because of this the support was hitting the muffler shield. I had to bend the supports forward to clear the muffler.

handle bar support bent

Next post will be about the gas tank.


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