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In all of the re-powers I have seen the gas tank that comes with the engine is used. I could never figure out why, especially for the Kohler engine tractors. The tank must be hard to fill with the dashboard in the way.

I decided to use the original fan housing to hold the tank. I first had to cut out the part that interferes with the engine.

cut fan housing

It cut very easily with an angle grinder. The housing is held up by the handle bars but it needed extra support. I made this bracket for it.


I made it from 2 reinforced 5 hole strut angles and a piece of strut. It fastens to the top hole in the engine adapter.

The I bent in the top slot on the fan housing so that a bolt head would clear the gas tank. I welded a washer to help with alignment. Yes I know the weld is terrible.

bent housing

Next I took off the original gas tank from the engine. I then discovered there were two lines coming from the tank, one being an EVAP vent. I needed to recreate this in the Gravely tank. I found a place to drill and tap an 1/8″ NPT barbed hose fitting.

fitting in gas tank

The last thing to do is to seal the vent hole in the cap. Now I can fill a nice big tank and add a filter to the system. The original had no fuel filter. I won’t have to deal with that screen in the mouth that makes it hard to fill and see how much gas is left.


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