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Today I was looking at the weather report in Google Chrome and all of a sudden it was hijacked. The 20 or so tabs I had opened were being redirected and hijacked to browsersecurityalert site. It had a voice file that kept saying I needed to call a number. It was quickly playing on all 20 tabs and sound pretty crazy.

Despite a killall chrome command the browser no longer popped up the option to not restore the tabs. Every time I restarted chrome the hijack happened again. ps aux came up with these controls.

/opt/google/chrome/chrome --type=renderer --enable-deferred-image-decoding --lang=en-US --force-fieldtrials=DomRel-Enable/enable/EnhancedBookmarks/Default/ExtensionContentVerification/Enforce/ExtensionInstallVerification/None/NewProfileManagement/Enabled/PasswordGeneration/Disabled/RefreshTokenDeviceId/Enabled/RememberCertificateErrorDecisions/Default/SafeBrowsingIncidentReportingService/Default/SettingsEnforcement/no_enforcement/UMA-Dynamic-Binary-Uniformity-Trial/default/UMA-Population-Restrict/normal/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-1-Percent/group_58/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-10-Percent/group_05/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-100-Percent/group_01/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-20-Percent/group_03/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-5-Percent/default/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-50-Percent/default/VoiceTrigger/Install/ --enable-crash-reporter=88788371-5F7F-973F-FB3A-AFC49362BD57 --extension-process --enable-webrtc-hw-h264-encoding --disable-client-side-phishing-detection --enable-offline-auto-reload --enable-offline-auto-reload-visible-only --enable-pinch-virtual-viewport --enable-delegated-renderer --num-raster-threads=2 --disable-accelerated-video-decode --channel=8925.2.1348255093

I could not find a way to run chrome with previous tab restore disabled. I was forced to go to .config/google-chrome/Default/. I deleted the “Current Tabs” “Current Session” and “Last Session” Probably last session was the one I wanted but when I tried to change the file names, Caja kept popping up an error message behind a video file I was watching in another screen. I am now hating Mate as much as Gnome but that is another story.

I finally had a blank chrome when started.

This may have been my fault because I have not updated in a few months. Updating Debian Sid is now something I don’t have time to do. I updated Chrome and recovered my lost tabs from history.

After this I just had injected ads into the tabs. I Figured out the the “video downloader helper” extension I was using did this. It is removed and the problem is gone for now.


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