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Monthly Archives: September 2015

I keep seeing more and more vertical videos on national news programs. It is such a shame to have all this video ruined by people who don’t know how to hold a video camera.

The only way this will ever get fixed is when news programs pay 1/2 price for video shot incorrectly, and tell the people why. Until then I will just have to continue to look away when news programs display vertical video.

Here is a PSA to alert people to the dangers of vertical video.

Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA


Does any one remember when parking on the wrong side of the street was illegal? This is a common view on my street, and no I did not reverse the picture.

Cars parked on the wrong side of the street.

In a small village in NY State, it is now common to see drivers running stop signs, red lights and drivers crossing the double yellow lines like they aren’t even there.

I recently updated my Aptosid install to try to fix a problem with Ufraw. It was making multicolored dots on all the under exposed parts of the raw photos I converted it jpeg.

I read that the upgrade jumped to the 4.0 Kernel and that the new Nvidia driver was dumping my cards to a legacy driver. Upon updating, I could no longer get the nvidia driver working. I kept trying the legacy driver and fixes from Siduction but nothing worked.

So for a few days I was stuck with one screen. I normally have 3 running all the time. I have a video playing in the left. A browser ( the one I write this on), email client, and a couple of chat clients, all on one desktop. The right screen has 4 desktops filled with browsers, terminals, and file browser of things I am working for.

When I was stuck on one screen it was horrible. I had to keep switching the desktop, or try to deal with a mess of windows on one desktop. I could never watch an video without stopping everything else. How do people live like that.

In the end I finally had to uninstall the 4.0 kernel, and reinstall the nvidia driver. Finally I was back in business.

In the end the Ufraw I got still had the bug. Iceweasel crashes every time I start a youtube video to download, and I still can’t figure out how to make the Nouveau driver work with 3 screen, 2 cards with separate x sessions.

On the news I keep hearing about the Hurricanes in the West Pacific in the area of Hawaii and Japan. They are now calling them Hurricanes instead of Typhoons.

I first wondered if the weather scientist got the names confused, like the climate scientists suddenly started confusing an odorless clear gas with a hard black substance.

I finally decided than instead of trying to teach people that a tropical Cyclone in the West Pacific is called a Typhoon they just call it a Hurricane.

It is beginning to look like every child left behind for adults.

There was another craigslist ad. An L , an square shut snowblower, a 30″ mower, a cart and a sulky. All for $40. I ignored it thinking someone would get it the next day. A week later and the ad was still up. I sent a message, yes it was still available and did I want it. My yes answer wasn’t returned the next day. My second message wasn’t returned the next day. Finally the ad was taken down. I must be cursed.