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Recently I had some problems with my biggest computer screen. The one I use to watch video on. It was my newest but it has started to shut the back light off, usually when I need it the most. After weeks of it getting worse and worse I finally look at some on <br><br>I found a 24 inch, 1080 monitor  with DVI-D input, as I don’t need HDMI or display port. I know 4K is the way to go, but that is for the future, when I can replace 3 monitors with 2-4K’s that fit the same space.  At the same time I will probably upgrade to display port, getting new video cards.

To get back to the point, I ordered from Amazon 7 days ago, and once again it hasn’t shipped yet. They even list it in the review section. I sent them an  message asking if I joined Prime would my orders ship in a few days rather than a week. I can’t imagine what kind of answer I will get.

I just put in an order on on Sunday night, and found out it was shipped on Monday morning. I remember when Amazon used to be the same way.


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