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Monthly Archives: December 2015

The private sale of objects on the internet has become first answer, first buy only. Sellers on work like this. I have always had problems getting any good deals online.

When I used to subscribe to I found that I couldn’t get anything free unless the person was hard to contact. At first I though this was because I was unlucky. I later discovered that most members including moderators used first come, first serve. I thought at the time that people who were getting the free stuff were sitting at home on the computer all day. I left because of this.

Later I was on a job where cell phones worked and all day long I saw people texting and emailing on their phones instead of working. It didn’t dawn on me until recently that that is how every good deal on craigslist is gone by the time I contact the seller.

So in conclusion, when people who sell or give away online, use the first come, first serve rule, they are rewarding the least productive people by giving them first chance on low cost or free goods. Now I know why most peopleĀ  no longer consider hard work the way to get ahead. Staring at your phone all day does.