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Monthly Archives: March 2016

In the 2016 election on the United States of America I predict the following:

Trump will win the Republican nomination and be elected President by popular vote.

Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and will come in second.

Either Clinton or Trump’s running mate will be elected President by the Electoral College.


I hope I am wrong.



Sorry about the delay, 2016 will go down in history as the year of break downs. From computers to cars, and everything in between, I am finally getting ahead.

During Christmas break I tacked the job of changing the timing belt on the Honda Pilot. It seemed like a pretty easy job if done slowly, so I plannedĀ  it to take 3 days, which allowed long breaks if things didn’t work as planned.

Two months ago the SUV was starting to make a strange noise. Is sounded like an exhaust vibration. I could not find it so we finally took it to a mechanic. They diagnosed it as a loose timing belt. I took it home and tore it apart. The timing belt was so loose I could almost take it off by hand.

I had bought a timing belt kit, made by Dayco and sold by Advance Auto, with Car Quest name all of it. It had a water pump, timing belt, tensioner and idler pulleys. The tensioner went bad, nothing I did was wrong. I ended up buying a tensioner and belt from Honda for more than it cost for the whole Dayco kit. Since I bought the kit I don’t see of a way to just return one part. I wouldn’t trust a replacement part anyway.

Next I will have to change the radiator. This time I know the Honda part is defective and I need an aftermarket one.PS, I hate this new editing interface on WordPress.