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Category Archives: I will Never Understand

I was driving behind a slow vehicle. It was doing 40 to 45 in a 55 MPH. Yes it was wearing a bow tie.

As I patiently followed without tail gating I was thinking how slow it was going to go in the up coming 35 MPH zone. To my surprise it kept going at 45 MPH, I know because I was going 40 and it was far ahead. I then caught back up with it at the railroad tracks as it crawled over at 1/2 MPH.

Then there was a stop sign which it ran, and then a 40 MPH zone, I went 45 to keep up, until the 30, at the rate the truck was going I am sure it never slowed down and went 45 in the 30 zone.

I will never understand why someone would drive slow in a 55 and then speed extremely fast in a 30. Maybe it has something to do with what their vehicle wears on its neck.