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Category Archives: Uncommon Sense

In the 2016 election on the United States of America I predict the following:

Trump will win the Republican nomination and be elected President by popular vote.

Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and will come in second.

Either Clinton or Trump’s running mate will be elected President by the Electoral College.


I hope I am wrong.



Sorry about the delay, 2016 will go down in history as the year of break downs. From computers to cars, and everything in between, I am finally getting ahead.

During Christmas break I tacked the job of changing the timing belt on the Honda Pilot. It seemed like a pretty easy job if done slowly, so I planned  it to take 3 days, which allowed long breaks if things didn’t work as planned.

Two months ago the SUV was starting to make a strange noise. Is sounded like an exhaust vibration. I could not find it so we finally took it to a mechanic. They diagnosed it as a loose timing belt. I took it home and tore it apart. The timing belt was so loose I could almost take it off by hand.

I had bought a timing belt kit, made by Dayco and sold by Advance Auto, with Car Quest name all of it. It had a water pump, timing belt, tensioner and idler pulleys. The tensioner went bad, nothing I did was wrong. I ended up buying a tensioner and belt from Honda for more than it cost for the whole Dayco kit. Since I bought the kit I don’t see of a way to just return one part. I wouldn’t trust a replacement part anyway.

Next I will have to change the radiator. This time I know the Honda part is defective and I need an aftermarket one.PS, I hate this new editing interface on WordPress.

The private sale of objects on the internet has become first answer, first buy only. Sellers on work like this. I have always had problems getting any good deals online.

When I used to subscribe to I found that I couldn’t get anything free unless the person was hard to contact. At first I though this was because I was unlucky. I later discovered that most members including moderators used first come, first serve. I thought at the time that people who were getting the free stuff were sitting at home on the computer all day. I left because of this.

Later I was on a job where cell phones worked and all day long I saw people texting and emailing on their phones instead of working. It didn’t dawn on me until recently that that is how every good deal on craigslist is gone by the time I contact the seller.

So in conclusion, when people who sell or give away online, use the first come, first serve rule, they are rewarding the least productive people by giving them first chance on low cost or free goods. Now I know why most people  no longer consider hard work the way to get ahead. Staring at your phone all day does.



Not only did reply to my letter, but they shipped my monitor and upgraded it to next day shipping. I guess the slowness in shipping wasn’t on purpose. They never mentioned upgrading to prime to get packages to ship faster.

I am expecting my new monitor tomorrow. The funnest thing is my old one stopped shutting off, like it knows it going to be replaced.


Recently I had some problems with my biggest computer screen. The one I use to watch video on. It was my newest but it has started to shut the back light off, usually when I need it the most. After weeks of it getting worse and worse I finally look at some on <br><br>I found a 24 inch, 1080 monitor  with DVI-D input, as I don’t need HDMI or display port. I know 4K is the way to go, but that is for the future, when I can replace 3 monitors with 2-4K’s that fit the same space.  At the same time I will probably upgrade to display port, getting new video cards.

To get back to the point, I ordered from Amazon 7 days ago, and once again it hasn’t shipped yet. They even list it in the review section. I sent them an  message asking if I joined Prime would my orders ship in a few days rather than a week. I can’t imagine what kind of answer I will get.

I just put in an order on on Sunday night, and found out it was shipped on Monday morning. I remember when Amazon used to be the same way.

I never joined Prime on I never really cared about 2 day shipping, the free shipping was fine for me. On Sunday October 11th I sent in an order. One item from a non-Amazon source and the rest from Amazon. The non-Amazon item was shipped from California on Monday, and I received it on Friday, pretty good for free shipping.

The rest of the items I ordered still haven’t shipped. My question is if I had Prime with 2 day shipping would I still be waiting for them to ship?

Possibly it is a mistake and they lost the order. They promise to get them to me by this coming Friday, and if they don’t ship by then I will have to try reordering them.

Update: They finally shipped the package 10 days after ordering it. I got it 4 days later.

I have done another order, 3 items were shipped right away, and I received them before the rest were shipped. I still believe that if I had prime the packages would be shipped right away.

I keep seeing more and more vertical videos on national news programs. It is such a shame to have all this video ruined by people who don’t know how to hold a video camera.

The only way this will ever get fixed is when news programs pay 1/2 price for video shot incorrectly, and tell the people why. Until then I will just have to continue to look away when news programs display vertical video.

Here is a PSA to alert people to the dangers of vertical video.

Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA

Does any one remember when parking on the wrong side of the street was illegal? This is a common view on my street, and no I did not reverse the picture.

Cars parked on the wrong side of the street.

In a small village in NY State, it is now common to see drivers running stop signs, red lights and drivers crossing the double yellow lines like they aren’t even there.

On the news I keep hearing about the Hurricanes in the West Pacific in the area of Hawaii and Japan. They are now calling them Hurricanes instead of Typhoons.

I first wondered if the weather scientist got the names confused, like the climate scientists suddenly started confusing an odorless clear gas with a hard black substance.

I finally decided than instead of trying to teach people that a tropical Cyclone in the West Pacific is called a Typhoon they just call it a Hurricane.

It is beginning to look like every child left behind for adults.

There was another craigslist ad. An L , an square shut snowblower, a 30″ mower, a cart and a sulky. All for $40. I ignored it thinking someone would get it the next day. A week later and the ad was still up. I sent a message, yes it was still available and did I want it. My yes answer wasn’t returned the next day. My second message wasn’t returned the next day. Finally the ad was taken down. I must be cursed.