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I recently updated my Aptosid install to try to fix a problem with Ufraw. It was making multicolored dots on all the under exposed parts of the raw photos I converted it jpeg.

I read that the upgrade jumped to the 4.0 Kernel and that the new Nvidia driver was dumping my cards to a legacy driver. Upon updating, I could no longer get the nvidia driver working. I kept trying the legacy driver and fixes from Siduction but nothing worked.

So for a few days I was stuck with one screen. I normally have 3 running all the time. I have a video playing in the left. A browser ( the one I write this on), email client, and a couple of chat clients, all on one desktop. The right screen has 4 desktops filled with browsers, terminals, and file browser of things I am working for.

When I was stuck on one screen it was horrible. I had to keep switching the desktop, or try to deal with a mess of windows on one desktop. I could never watch an video without stopping everything else. How do people live like that.

In the end I finally had to uninstall the 4.0 kernel, and reinstall the nvidia driver. Finally I was back in business.

In the end the Ufraw I got still had the bug. Iceweasel crashes every time I start a youtube video to download, and I still can’t figure out how to make the Nouveau driver work with 3 screen, 2 cards with separate x sessions.


Today I was looking at the weather report in Google Chrome and all of a sudden it was hijacked. The 20 or so tabs I had opened were being redirected and hijacked to browsersecurityalert site. It had a voice file that kept saying I needed to call a number. It was quickly playing on all 20 tabs and sound pretty crazy.

Despite a killall chrome command the browser no longer popped up the option to not restore the tabs. Every time I restarted chrome the hijack happened again. ps aux came up with these controls.

/opt/google/chrome/chrome --type=renderer --enable-deferred-image-decoding --lang=en-US --force-fieldtrials=DomRel-Enable/enable/EnhancedBookmarks/Default/ExtensionContentVerification/Enforce/ExtensionInstallVerification/None/NewProfileManagement/Enabled/PasswordGeneration/Disabled/RefreshTokenDeviceId/Enabled/RememberCertificateErrorDecisions/Default/SafeBrowsingIncidentReportingService/Default/SettingsEnforcement/no_enforcement/UMA-Dynamic-Binary-Uniformity-Trial/default/UMA-Population-Restrict/normal/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-1-Percent/group_58/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-10-Percent/group_05/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-100-Percent/group_01/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-20-Percent/group_03/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-5-Percent/default/UMA-Uniformity-Trial-50-Percent/default/VoiceTrigger/Install/ --enable-crash-reporter=88788371-5F7F-973F-FB3A-AFC49362BD57 --extension-process --enable-webrtc-hw-h264-encoding --disable-client-side-phishing-detection --enable-offline-auto-reload --enable-offline-auto-reload-visible-only --enable-pinch-virtual-viewport --enable-delegated-renderer --num-raster-threads=2 --disable-accelerated-video-decode --channel=8925.2.1348255093

I could not find a way to run chrome with previous tab restore disabled. I was forced to go to .config/google-chrome/Default/. I deleted the “Current Tabs” “Current Session” and “Last Session” Probably last session was the one I wanted but when I tried to change the file names, Caja kept popping up an error message behind a video file I was watching in another screen. I am now hating Mate as much as Gnome but that is another story.

I finally had a blank chrome when started.

This may have been my fault because I have not updated in a few months. Updating Debian Sid is now something I don’t have time to do. I updated Chrome and recovered my lost tabs from history.

After this I just had injected ads into the tabs. I Figured out the the “video downloader helper” extension I was using did this. It is removed and the problem is gone for now.

I recently have had the misfortune of using an computer running Microsoft Windows 7 at work. I have discover a few amazing things.

1: I kept hitting the caps lock button by accident. I haven’t done that in a long time because turning caps lock into an CTRL key has been a 3 click setting in most window managers running on Linux for a long time.

With Microsoft Windows it seems you need to install a program, or change a registry key, something a user without admin privileges can’t do.

2: The next crazy thing I discover was that Microsoft Windows wouldn’t let me rename a file because I had it open in a program.

On Linux I can play a video file, rename the file, move the file, then permanently delete the file, all while the video is playing, and it will still play to the end. The the video will be gone for ever like it should be. Backups are simple because any file can be copied even if 50 programs are reading that file.

3: I downloaded a file and when I went to look for it it wasn’t at the top of the file list. I looked at how to change the listings from alphabetically to creation date. I couldn’t find that at all, so I had to go back to browser to find what the file was called.

On most file browsers running on Linux the download folder is set up to sort by date by default. On Microsoft Windows, it is only allowed in a special folder called a library, for the other folders you are on your own.

4:On Microsoft Windows I am forced to right click copy, then right click paste or CTRL C, CTRL V.

On Linux you can highlight text with the mouse and middle click it to paste. You can also right click copy, right click paste which gives you 2 clip boards to use. Only having one makes Microsoft Windows slower and harder to use.

I talked to a CS student going to a large state college nearby. They said they are taught that Linux is too hard for users so they will never have to deal with it. In these four cases Microsoft Windows is harder to use and I am sure there are many other examples.

I was shocked to find out Microsoft has a 20th century OS in the 21st century.